Monday, January 26, 2015

Thrifty Monday

Here in the “sunny” south it is never a bad day to go thrifting! I guess it’s all in perspective, right? Well, when you get to “drag” a friend around to 7 Goodwills, 1 Goodwill Clearance center, and 2 Community thrift stores it is 100 times more fun…even if it was in the rain.

My sweet friend Christina and her husband came for a 3 day visit and we had a full few days planned out with fun adventures. Christina blogs over at The Frugal Homemaker and is an incredible decorator and diy project lady. She is always an inspiration to me.

Early Friday morning, with our lists in hand and our well saved Christmas money and earnings from online garage sales, we packed my youngest two in the van and headed out. Might I just say thrifting with a friend who has almost exact likes and dislikes can be extremely fun and quite challenging too! We seriously both have a love for pillows, but it was so fun because we were both looking for different colors. However, we did race several times to the houseware section to see who could nab the treasures first. She used my little one too and said, “Hurry we have to beat your mom so we can get the best stuff!” It was all in fun and we both found tons of stuff that were specifically on our lists.

I had told myself not to buy anything on my list! Sometimes that can be incredibly hard even when you find the best deals. But, I had saved my Christmas money for NEEDS or specific wants and I didn’t want to blow it on unnecessary treasures this time. Christmas decor was a “no- no for me” just because I needed things for year round.

Here is my loot from our first day of shopping…


This huge basket/bench was listed for $29. I really didn’t want to spend that much, but this item has been on my list of wants since July and I have priced similar ones all over and this price was great. But, I had a 20% coupon off my entire purchase so I only paid $23.20 for this keeper.

DSC_6174 DSC_6171 

It is currently residing in my room. I plan to make a fun cushion for the top…eventually.


Three of these pillows were .99 cents and the other was $1.99! Cannot wait to get my loft couches done with my stash of fun pillows.


These cool canisters were .99 cents each at the community thrift.


This basket was at the clearance outlet Goodwill and I paid $1.87 for it.


The white purse is in mint condition and on my list. I cost $1.34.


I have been looking for a huge frame to do a fun diy project. This didn’t have a price initially until I asked and the lady marked it at $5.91!!! I cannot wait to show you what I plan to transform it into.


After we hit the 9 Goodwill/thrift stores we ran to a store I love. At Home is full of wonderful decorations, rugs, pillows, and more. I have found several clearance items and a gorgeous rug that is currently in our living room. I have been looking for a fun sign for the laundry room that would match the cute rug Christina gave me and to just add some decor. It was on clearance for $4.34.


After an adventure in downtown Charleston we ran 5 minutes down from my house to the Goodwill and I found a few more treasures. The shoe hanger was $2.12 and was on my list. The cheese grater was a brand new Target find for $1.91 and the Vera Bradley wallet was .99 cents! (this was an extra splurge not on my list, but I may resell it)


And, last, but not least… 4 Counter height bar stools. I have had stools on my list for months and have priced them EVERYWHERE!! I was not willing to pay $20 or more per stool. The week before Christina was coming she ran into her local thrift store and saw these “beauties!” She texted me and asked if I wanted them—they were $5.95 each.  I said yes and she brought them with, but they still came out of my spending money so I figured it was fair to add them to my treasures I got this week. I am excited to sand them down and paint them. I think I may stencil the seats too.


Here they are without the crazy cushions.

Have you ever gone on a thrift shopping adventure with a friend, your children, or just yourself? It can be so much fun. Make sure you hop over to The Frugal Homemaker and see all the treasures she found too. Have a fun week of thrifting and diy projects, friends.