Monday, February 2, 2015

$5.91 Frame Makeover


Remember this frame from my thrifting spree last week? Well, I managed to unwrap the half roll of tape, the glass. and the wire.

I have wanted to have a place to display pictures or coloring papers, etc, for a very long time. I have the Free Prints app on my phone and get at least 100 free prints every month. I know technology today people don’t print pictures as often, but I love seeing silly prints on display just because.


I started by cutting wire to the desired length to stretch tightly across the back of the frame. I left about an inch from the inner lip of the frame so I could attach my photos with mini clothespins.


The next step was to actually hang a few photos to make sure the wire was tight and it didn’t sag too much with the “weight.” This also helped me determine where to place the next strand of wire. Just flip it over and add another piece of wire making sure you measure from the top so your wire is not crooked.

I opted to do vertical print spaced wire on the top and bottom and horizontal prints for the two middle sections. Voila!


Perfection isn’t in my vocabulary, but I truly enjoyed this quick project and my kids have already loved pointing out the pictures and the fun memories remembered from each one. I am excited to change this up often. I took some twine and wrapped it around my wire too before I hung it, just because.


It is humbly abiding in the loft awaiting me to get up the courage to paint a chalkboard section below it for my little one’s creativity.

Thanks for stopping by. Come back and join us Wednesday for the beginning stage of our Stairwell Gallery Wall.