Thursday, February 5, 2015

Barbie Themed Party

chloe party 7

As a mommy life happens right? Well, life got crazy busy over the week of our princesses’ birthday. Her big day was on Tuesday so we opted to celebrate with friends and a complete party over the weekend. I was excited when she asked for bright pink cupcakes with sparkles and pearls! EASY

The best part of creating fun parties on a budget is shopping your house. I know table cloths can be found for $1, but every dollar adds up. I grabbed a bright pink blanket from the linen closet and draped it over the table. Maddie and I rummaged through the dress-up trunk and grabbed a bunch of beads, and other fun jewelry that would give some pops of bling on the table and hanging from the light.

Party City had some Barbie plates, cups, shimmery nail files, sunglasses, tiaras, and napkins on sale and I had a 15 % coupon off my complete order. I think the total ended up being $12 for everything.


We became parents to 8 children. (7 being girls) Now I understand a bit of what my dear momma went through on a daily basis, and she had one more!

Chloe asked for pigs n’ a blanket, tator tots, apple slices and juice. What little girls wouldn’t like that menu?


Here’s our sweet little 7 year old.


We enjoyed an evening filled with fun activities. I set up a mani/pedi station and did all 140 nails! Lots of giggles were shared and funny stories told. The game Twister was a hit and this momma laughed so hard as they all slipped and fell all over the board. After a Barbie cartoon and a fun in the dark story we headed to bed.

Homemade pancakes for breakfast was a hit and then we all had fun makeovers. Every little girl got her hair curled, makeup on, and dressed up in a pretty dress. After our adventure of getting ready was complete we all hopped in the van and headed to a fun tea party at church.

All in all it was a great weekend and a very fun birthday to make extra special for my princess.