Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DIY Lego Canvas Art


About a month ago I found a stack of 7 canvases at Goodwill. They wanted $8 for them total, but I managed to find them on the day that it was 1/2 price. So, they were $4 for 7 canvasses. But, I ended up finding several other treasures to take home with me so I opted to use my 25 % off coupon on my total. The 7 canvasses ended up only costing $3. You cannot beat that!

I had no idea what I was going to create with them so they sat in my extra decor bin in the garage.

While cleaning Andrew’s room one day I realized I hadn’t hung anything in his room yet. I’ve become a minimalist when it comes to hanging things on walls other than my big gallery walls, so it wasn’t a major issue. However, I knew then what those canvasses would become. Andrew LOVES Legos. I’m not really into decorating a bedroom around a theme for a wide variety of reasons now, but I do want my kids to love their rooms and be “theirs.”

I grabbed my dark gray spray paint and sprayed 4 of the canvasses.


I ran to the computer and printed out some large lego pictures from online.

I cut them out in a stencil form using my handy box cutter and a cushion of cardboard underneath.


I grabbed a can of gray paint and my stencil brush and set out to paint.


Aren’t they fun?


I enjoyed picking out a few different faces/people stencils.

DSC_6510     DSC_6515 

I plan to make 2 more for the left side of the closet door, but I’m out of the gray spray paint. But, for now, Andrew is in love and was so thrilled to find out that Mommy made them for him.


And, if he grows out of legos, I can just paint over it to whatever he desires or I can use them elsewhere in our home. Love shopping the house.

Have you painted any canvasses recently? I still have 3 and plan to do a fun poem on one soon. Would love to see what you have done on yours!