Monday, February 23, 2015

Fellowship + Friends = Fulfilled

For many years we hosted a weekly time of fellowship with the young couples in our previous ministry. Not only did we feel the need to start this for the ministry but for genuine fellowship and encouragement to those who were in similar walks of life. It began as a small group, but quickly grew. Sunday night fellowships became highly looked forward to by my husband, myself, and our sweet children. The friendships that developed throughout the years have by far left lasting marks in our hearts and lives. We treasure these friendships more than one could express.  Almost all of the regular couples have moved on to different ministries spread all across the States and some even further. It is exciting to see how the Lord continues to grow and stretch each of us in the path He has chosen.

Several weeks ago we arranged to have as many as possible meet in Greenville for a day long visit. What a wonderful day filled with great fun. We chilled for the first few hours just catching up at one of the couples homes. After we realized our time was quickly slipping away we headed to a fun restaurant in a quaint little town. We ended up sitting on the roof. It was a gorgeous day filled with sunshine.

DSC_6363 DSC_6351

Lots of littles made for running, giggling, and lots of eyes keeping a close watch.


Maddie quickly decided she needed to be Ryan’s “mommy!”


Don’t you just love her? Ahh, my heart melts for them both.


After a yummy lunch we went on a gorgeous walk through the park downtown.


“Uncle” Jessie had a little shadow as always. Andrew truly looks up to all these men more than they know. When we moved to SC he said the names of all of our couples as the people he would miss the most.


“Aunt” Ashley & “Uncle” Jessie


This is a gorgeous park to visit if you are ever in the Greenville area.


Look at our “little” Ry Ry. Sniff…sniff…he’s growing up too fast.DSC_6406

Here are just 3 of the couples kids. Sure miss all those who couldn’t make it. Maybe we will all be together again for a visit!


These ladies are dear friends that have stuck at my side through some great times and not so great ones. They have hearts full of compassion and grace and are always quick to encourage as Christ desires of us all. I am the one truly blessed to be part of their lives even if we are now all so far apart in miles. God indeed has given us some precious gifts!


Ahh, and these men! They are great dads, friends, husbands, and encouragers. They make us laugh on every occasion. We won’t mention “Uncle” Jesse sending Andrew out to the woods with an axe and shovel this same day with 4 little girls following him. lol Andrew definitely had an adventure filled day in Uncle Jesse’s backyard.


We loved seeing all the ducks.




“Uncle” Andrew and Ryan


The MEN helped the munchkins climb these steep rocks while the moms stood at the bottom shaking our heads hoping for no hospital visits.


Little did we know there was a sign nearby….

We had a great day together and look forward to the next time. We are planning our next get together here in Charleston sometime in May or June! Excited and thankful for the times Jesus gives us to encourage and love one another!