Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Loft Coffee Table

Ever been to Goodwill and found an item that you loved and end up with someone following you hoping you’d put the ticket back or the item down? Or, shall I dare ask if you’ve been the stalker hoping the individual would put the item down so you can snatch it and run? Well, I have been part of both sides.
I saw this table sitting underneath a few random ugly items and it called my name. I have been on the hunt for a table for the loft seating area. However, it needed to be longer and sturdier than many that I had been seeing. And, yes, the price needed to be very low. The price tag said $12, it was long, and I was excited. However, another lady was there looking first so I had to “patiently” wait my turn before ripping off the ticket, running, and never looking back. Then, it happened… the lady turned to me and asked me what I thought of the table. For real? No, dear readers, I did not lie and I told her it was a great deal for a sturdy table. It is solid wood and very heavy. There was definitely a need for some TLC, sanding, and a coat of paint, but I was gonna keep any extra opinions to myself unless asked again. Then she turned to another piece of furniture I was eyeing but wasn’t as high on my list. She had the ticket for the table in her hand. I was sad, but I still wasn’t giving up. This same lady then ripped the ticket off the adorable long bench that I was headed to next. I couldn’t believe it. All the while she was carrying on a conversation with me. After about what seemed to be 15 minutes she had this outward struggle as to which one item she was gonna purchase. She then put the ticket for the table back. No, I didn’t leap over piles or act all crazy, but I did manage to slip my hand over there faster than I thought and snatched it up with not a second thought.
Thus, my journey for redoing a table began.
Sanding it down to smoothness didn’t take very long and then a healthy few coats of crisp white paint made it look all better.
I love how it looks abiding in the center of our loft area. It will be a perfect board game table.