Monday, February 9, 2015

Stairway Hazard

Warning: If you get sick to your stomach at crazy heights and not so safe situations you probably shouldn’t try this at home.
I have somewhat dreaded this task only because of the height of our stairs and the fact that no ladder or anything could help this short, blonde hang anything high enough that little fingers wouldn’t knock down as they ran down the stairs.
So, this is what I did…. and I wouldn’t recommend it… my legs just started shaking thinking about it again. However, I was very careful and only used it to hang two pieces.
After the big one was way up the job got easier and  less dangerous. I opted to sit a bit though after tackling the first endeavor. I found a scrap piece of wood outside and put a screw mostly through it to help me mark my spots when they were so high. I hung my piece on the wood and then placed it exactly where I wanted it on the wall and pushed in enough for the back (sharp) side of the screw to make a mark. This made life so much easier to hang things exactly where I wanted them.
frame hanging collage
Here is the partly finished product. I knew I did not have all the pieces I wanted, but I opted to go ahead and start so I could daily see the missing spaces and keep my eyes open for the pieces I’d need to finish.
This is what it looks like from the family room.
Looking down from loft.
My next project in this area is to paint the railing white! Until next time…