Thursday, March 26, 2015

10 Year Anniversary

my honey

10 years ago I walked into a remarkable journey of love, sacrifice, joy, submission, blessings, hardships, children, joys, tears, and many changes. Despite all the changes, the biggest thing that continues steadfast and sure is the overwhelming love I have for the man that stands at my side. He is ever willing to put up with my craziness, laughs at my sillyness, encourages me through my failures, and loves me unconditionally even when I least deserve it.

Some may add that he just shakes his head at my pillow obsession, organization ocd, and love for all things frugal. Yet, I’ve never doubted his love for me being me. He encourages me to blog, teaches me how to use tools, and comes up with crazy ideas he knows I’ll love.

On top of all those great things, he is my spiritual leader and graciously encourages me to be more like my Jesus. He lives a life of compassion and has a genuine heart for the Lord. I am daily rebuked at his patience, wisdom, and sweet walk with the Lord.

I love you, Brian! I truly cannot wait to spend the next 10 years and forever together.