Monday, March 16, 2015

Closet Organization Fun

Closets can be a daunting task. Sometimes just a fun basket, bin, or organizational help makes tidiness so much easier and enjoyable.


I use lots of bins to hold sweaters, different season clothes, shoes, and even toys. I love the Ikea bins!

Closet organization  Organizational helps

My husband’s belts and my jewelry hang nicely in a row on a wall in our closet.

Belts & jewelry    

Shorts, slacks, and cotton skirts can be folded neatly and organized in a hanging holder.

Organizational helps 2 

Shoe organizers are convenient and I use one for my shoes. And, hanging scarves for easy access is great!

 Shoe organization

Baskets and crates make great storage space for Beach fun, linens, blankets, and coupon stock in the linen closet.

Linen closet 2

Your way of organizing doesn’t have to all be matchy matchy. Sometimes matching baskets or bins can be a huge blow to the budget. Get creative and keep your eyes open at yard sales, Goodwills, and even clearanced areas in home goods stores.

Old box helps

Don’t open that closet door cringing hoping things won’t fall out. Pull up a basket and organize away. And, if you are a momma with kids get storage bins so your children too have a specific place for each of their toys.