Friday, March 13, 2015

Goodwill Prevails

Have you ever found gorgeous curtains or bought curtains only to find out at home it is only 1 panel? I unfortunately know this feeling and have had to make the best of this frustration often. I loved a gray panel I got at Goodwill months ago for our son’s room. Unfortunately it still was one of those eye sores whenever I glanced at it knowing it wasn’t complete without a partner on the other side of the pane. I could have gone to Target and spent $29.99 for another one, but that would be too easy and way too much money.

It just so “happens” that I hit a jackpot at Goodwill a few days back and scored big on this brand new matching panel complete in Target box.

Target curtains

My price…. $5.94 plus a 10 % off coupon made it cheaper.

So, lest you ask why I enjoy shopping Goodwill, I think this is just another proof. Not everything you find at second hand stores is junk!

Gray curtains


Boys room

Til’ next time, my dear friends!