Monday, March 2, 2015

Pallet Couches

When we moved into our home last August we made plans to make our huge loft into a game room/office space. Our family loves to play games and it is always fun to have a space for friends and fellowships too. I had seen several really neat pallet couches and thought that would be the best option and cheap. We like cheap!With crazy busy moves, adjustments in job and then the holidays, our tackling this project got pushed aside.
Not anymore… last week we ran to our favorite pallet collecting place and loaded our van up several times. My husband had already mapped out his ‘L” shaped design. He set to work on cutting, sawing and sanding. Pallet love couch
My biggest obstacle was the cushions. I really didn’t want to spend money on this project, so researching foam and other options was pretty outrageous. I found 2 long skinny cot type cushions at Salvation Army for $11 each. If they had had 3 I would have bought them all, but they only had 2, and I knew that they would do the job and be way comfier than what we could afford elsewhere. So, this project cost us $22, time, and an ounce of creativity! If you have any pallets just hanging around and need some inspiration, check out Designrulz for some awesome designs and ideas using pallet wood.
diy couches
I am so thankful for my sweet man tackling the sawing and piecing together. He is a perfectionist and had to make sure each one was the same height and the corners matched just so. Love that he gets involved in my crazy ideas and decorating changes.
Game table   
I had fun throwing a few card games in a jar, jenga blocks in a basket, and a jar full of marbles on the game table for easy access.
Pallet couches 2 
My husband is making a pallet table that fits perfectly in the corner for a light.
pallet couches 4
I knew I had to cover the cushions, but hadn’t picked up material yet. My plan is to sew cushion covers out of drop cloths eventually. But, while I was organizing the linen closet I found 2 matching duvet covers that ended up fitting so I could just fold the excess under. It works and they were free! And, the onslaught of pillows? Well, yes, I’ve been “collecting” since August when we decided this was the route we were taking. Gotta love yard sale and Goodwill treasures.
Pallet couches   
It is such a fun spot now to gather in, sing together, have a Bible Story, or just play games together. Come on over anytime and we’ll have some coffee and play a game together. Or maybe you’d much rather just snatch up a good book! And, they will make perfect little beds for company too!
It’s so much fun making my home beautiful to me one penny at a time.