Friday, April 17, 2015

$20 Recliner

Several weeks ago my husband and I were discussing seating options in our living room. He expressed the desire for a recliner that he could sit and read in or just chill after a long day of work or maybe just to relax in while watching his golf. I really cannot stand the huge overstuffed recliners that take up all kinds of room and don’t fit my decor. I know, it is probably selfish and weird. But, my thoughts for a recliner were not pleasant ones. But, I really wanted him to have something to relax in and I figured I could compromise a bit. Ha, have you checked prices of recliners recently? Oh my goodness! All the ones that would even come close to not looking awkward in our home were hundreds of dollars. I could not nor would justify a purchase like that. Thus, I put my knees to work and started to pray in a recliner. I prayed specifically too---- leather like material and something not too huge and nasty and that it fit my decor even just a little bit without being an eye sore. I received a $25 goodwill gift card from a friend on my birthday and ran into the Goodwill the next day.

Lo and behold this little guy introduced himself to me…

leather recliner

The price tag was $19.99 and it was exactly what I wanted. I didn’t even think it was a recliner until I sat down and it perfectly reclined for me!! I had a 20% off coupon for Goodwill too, so I got this sweet addition to the living room for $15.99.

Family room (2) 


Family room (4)

We love our living space even full of thrifted finds.

family room (10)    living room (2) 

Come on over and visit! He may even let you sit in it…it’s pretty comfortable.