Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Awkward Space Above the Cabinets

My kitchen has those cabinets that have a ton of space on top. I googled and looked at options for decorating or building another open cabinet all around, but the cost was not happening. We plan to do some kitchen remodeling next year like butcher block counter tops, different cabinet doors and more, so I didn’t want any change now to cost.

I have had my cake plates on the cabinets since we moved in, but they were nasty from all the dust and I wanted to move them anyhow.

 Kitchen (4)

After a little work and a few free pallet boards, stain and paint I had on hand here are our current cabinet residents.

 Bakery pallet sign

Coffee pallet sign

Above cabinets

They may not be there forever, but it is a simple, clutter free way to do something to fill that empty space above the cabinets.

Kitchen above cabinet signs

I may have a little obsession with those silly pallet creations, but I am loving implementing decorations throughout the house for FREE. Come back Thursday and see another addition to the kitchen.