Monday, April 20, 2015

Dining Room Addition

A few months ago a sweet lady came up to me at church and asked if I wanted a china cabinet for free. After I saw the picture I immediately said yes with much enthusiasm. When I was in Wisconsin for a short visit my man and a few men from church brought her over.

 dining room (7)

She is residing quite beautifully in my dining room. I haven’t fully decided on if and when I will paint her or add chicken wire to the windows, or what, but for now she looks pretty as is.

dining room (4)

The $70 table came from Craig’s list last summer before we moved in. The chairs had a hideous paisley pink material of which was removed the day it was purchased. The green rug came from a yard sale a few weeks back for only $10. The pallet tray is made in house with a bit of creative flare. The curtains are made in house and the chalkboard was a diy task from a few years back. You can read about it here.

dining room (5) dining room (6)

Notice the Love Board? I still haven’t changed it from the Valentines decor. Guess I should get on that!