Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Old light turned new

 Light Before

I found this ugly floor light at Goodwill last week for $7.50. I figured a coat or two of spray paint and a fun new shade would make it 100 % useable.

A friend had just sent me a link the day before to a lady who had just repurposed a similar lamp. You can see that story here. Hers turned out super cute.

I wiped it down due to lots of dirt and grime from Goodwill and the previous owner. After it was dry I put 2 coats of Rust-0leum white spray paint on.

Light After

It looks totally different.


I haven’t found an adorable shade yet, but for now a plain brown one fits perfectly in our family room. My husband has enjoyed this light as he sits in his “new to him” leather recliner reading his books. Come back Friday and hear about my fabulous recliner story.