Friday, April 10, 2015

Pallet Gifts

We’ve had several showers and other activities of recent days that have involved gifts. So, with my desire to do all things thrifty but still give nice gifts I asked those receiving gifts if they’d enjoy their own unique piece of art.  I had a blast making these for each of them and look forward to creating many more.

My little sis is going to be a mommy. She texted me a picture of a piece of arrow art she found on etsy. This was my version…

arrow art (2)

This was before the stain.

shower gifts

She is doing her baby’s nursery in earth tones with wooden toys and wire baskets.

My older sister just had a miracle baby the week before my birthday. They lost a sweet baby last year after trying for over 10 years. They are now in the process of adopting little Adam and baby Ian is our new healthy little man. When I asked her what she wanted this is what we came up with…

pallet art

Her boy’s nursery is a dark chocolate brown with white accents.

I also had an order to fill for a friend of one of my sister’s. She wanted a few arrows in rough wood on a white pallet board.

arrow pallet art

I know not everyone loves art made from old pallets, but it is fun to give to those who love them. I have been creating a few pieces for our home too. Haven’t put the final touches on my Laundry sign, but here are a few things I am working on.

Pallet wood fun (2)

A cute cabinet I have didn’t have a shelf on the bottom and the girls were struggling getting their basket of toys out so I made a shelf with a few pieces of pallet wood. Voila!


Here is my stained pallet tray that is currently abiding in my dining room. If you notice in the picture there is something “new” abiding in my dining room too! Can’t wait to share in a later post.

Lots more to show you, but have to do some posts about each thing. Come back Monday and see some of the yard sale treasures I “happened” across.