Monday, April 13, 2015

Recent Yard Sale Treasures

I will have to say that I am not the only one in the family that loves thrifting. Last weekend my sweet man told me that we were all gonna go shopping the next day. There was a huge community sale going on in a nearby fancy shmancy neighborhood, so I wasn’t gonna say no. 

yard sale divas

Here is most of my loot, minus the big things.

yard sale finds 

Friday night I packed snacks and drinks and made sure all the kids had a few quarters tucked in their little ziploc bags. Early Saturday morning we were on our way----before 8 o’clock!!

I had saved my birthday money and had a list of specific things that I was looking for. I was really wanting an outside area rug for our patio furniture. Definitely wasn’t a need, but it was a want. The ones I was looking at online or in the store were over $150. Too steep for my blood, but I was still praying 1 in. I also moved around the other rugs through the house and wanted to find a black or gray one for the girls room and a different one for the dining/living area.

The first yard sale we stopped at I found this amazing 11x14 green rug. She wanted $15, but I walked away with only $10 less in my pocket. I folded it in half because it was too huge for our dining area for now, but it still works perfectly!


I purchased 7 Thirty One bags for $1 each. Several are for gifts and a few to resell hopefully for a few dollars more.

31 thrifting 

We found this awesome estate sale that was a true estate sale. The prices were great! I found this whole thing of almost all full threads, several yards of elastic, new scissors and 8 new bobbins for $7! I cannot wait to start sewing more pillows and other cute things. Brian got a hedge trimmer for $6, a really nice clamp for $8 and tons of other tools. He was pretty excited.

thread holder

I am pretty picky when it comes to yard saling for kids clothes. I really hate spending more than 50 cents per item, but we found a sale that had bins and bins of brand new gymboree, carters, and old navy clothes for $1 a piece. I found 3 cute shirts for Ella, a lady bug dress for this summer, a new swim suit, a pair of jeans, an owl outfit for the fall, and a pair of pjs for a Christmas gift for Chloe.

thrifting benefits 

With kids activities and friends for the summer I figured I could “break the bank” and purchase these 2 cute wilton cupcake sets for 50 cents each!

 yard sale finds (2)

We found 2 sandwich and snack bags for 50 cents each (price tags of $12 still on them). The cupcake coin purse is another 31 bag.

Yard sale finds (3) yard sale finds (4)

I have been praying about dresses for Chloe and Ella for a wedding this summer. We found the silver dress for Chloe for $3. The bride to be loved it!!

yard sale finds (6)

These 2 smaller stools fit perfectly at my island. They were $3 each.

 yard salefinds 

The bucket was full of hinges that I didn’t want, but the man dumped ‘em out and gave it to me for $1. The spray paint was 50 cents each.


The outdoor seagrass rug is usually about $150 at the stores. I got it for $15 and it is gracing itself out back with my outdoor furniture. The $5 black rug is now residing in the little girl’s room.DSC_7301 

Last, but not least, we have looked for a basketball hoop for Andrew. The one back in NC broke so we opted to leave it instead of moving it 3 times. We found this one for $15 and the sweet man loaded it up on his trailer and delivered it free of charge while Andrew was at school so we could surprise him.

basket ball hoop

It was a fun day of thrifting. How about you? Have you found any fun finds lately? Any plans for a garage sale outing in the future? I’m hoping to go with a few ladies soon.