Monday, May 25, 2015

Boring to Bar stool

Several weeks back our little family went yard saling together. You know, treasure hunting!!! Well, that’s what our kids call it, because that’s just what it is---treasure hunting. I have compiled a very specific list and am challenging myself to shop only based on my list. This challenge (if stuck to) will avoid unnecessary treasures accumulating in our home for no reason other than to drive me crazy. I did find a few things that I bought only to resell on ebay, etc, but that doesn’t count right?

I’m still on the hunt for a queen set for Andrew’s room so that remains at the top of the list. But, I had rugs, stools, and a few other things on my list. You can read all about my treasures here. I crossed lots off my list!

I snagged these bad boys for $3 each!

$3 each stool

We are planning a bit of a kitchen makeover hopefully next year and one thing it will involve is bead boarding the island, putting butcher block on it, and having it extend out a bit making it a convenient place for littles to help me or to just eat breakfast.

Boring cheap looking wood just doesn’t really fit my whole decor style, so I FINALLY couldn’t stand looking at them anymore. To the garage workshop they went…

I sanded them down really well and painted the bottom white and stained the seats with a dark walnut stain. When they sat in the garage for 3 days drying I took my course sand paper and roughed them up a bit for some minor distressing. I still find this step humorous, because of all the work I put into making them perfectly painted. Then, I go and destroy it! I think my dad would laugh out loud if he saw what I do, but then again, I get this from my momma, so I’m sure he’s had his laugh.

 Distressed and stained stools

I love them and they fit our little space perfectly.

Yard Sale stool makeover

Here are the stools that are on the other side of the kitchen. I paid $24 for all 4 which was a deal considering they are much taller. (My friend actually found them in GA and delivered them to me) I painted the bottoms brown so they popped against the wall and then the seats were given a white washed look and then stenciled a fun design.

 stenciled stools

The 4 littles love to eat here.

Stenciled stools (2)

Just a few simple ways to improve boring to beautiful for your home.