Wednesday, May 13, 2015

From Trash to Treasure

Last summer my sweet man found this chair next to a dumpster. And, yes, he threw it in the back of the van and brought it home to his wife. Ha! I was the lucky gal…and still am!

free chair

Here it is! Isn’t it a beauty? It really isn’t hideous or anything and what I like to say---Full of potential! It has graced itself in the garage this past year and yesterday I finally made myself dust it off and put it to good use.

 Sanded chair

I sanded it roughly and then wiped it down. A nice 2 coats of white paint gave the bottom and back a big transformation. Then I stained the seat a dark walnut brown.

 Distressed chair

When it was dry I took my piece of sand paper and distressed the whole thing a little bit---including the seat. I’m not a huge smooth glossy stain girl, so I liked to rough up the seat a bit too.

 Chair back

Here’s a bit of a close up of the back. I love how all the details came out after my distressing step.

My sweet Chloe is growing up. She loves to draw, craft, and just do all things girly. And, well, her mommy hadn’t found a mirror for her room yet, so we got on that with this project too. I found a $2 huge mirror from Goodwill the other day and painted it up and put that in the younger girl’s room, so that freed up this tall mirror. It fit perfect!

Sitting area

This definitely was a fun project. It took time with all the painting and staining, but we are all in love with the results.

Girls vanity

Sometimes the best treasures can be found for FREE!