Monday, May 4, 2015

Horse Themed Birthday

It is hard to believe that our Madelynn is already 5!!!! She had requested an Elsa themed party, but changed her mind 2 weeks before. Her new idea was, “A horsey party.” I think it had something to do with going to Grandma and Grandpa’s and getting to help Grandpa feed the horses and then ride them.

Grandpa is the best

So, I rummaged through the house and found all the items that I could use to make it a farmish/horse theme.

Our Water Hole was on the kitchen island complete with ice water, sweet tea, and lemonade.

Water hole

We “grazed” on food placed on the dining room table.  I used a quilt as the tablecloth and added a few rustic crates, cowbells, and other fun decor.

Food table (2)

Food table

Her cake was pretty simple, for which I am thankful. We opted for a cupcake cake and just made it into the shape of a horse. Maddie wanted pink hair and flowers so we added that at her request. I used a waffle cone for the ear, eye, and nose. Licorice was used for the halter and rope.

Cake table

Horse cake 

I grabbed some red fabric I had saved from our many years in youth ministry and cut and sewed up a quick little barn and silo for our photo booth outside. And, that cute little horse with pink hair---it was a quick pallet project! The kids loved it.


The photo fun seemed to be a hit! I just grabbed some kabob sticks from the kitchen and drew out and colored some fun props.

Andrew riding

Miss Carrie Turner is Maddie’s best friend! Cheese

Do you spot that cute girl with short hair below? Chloe got a hair cut and she even grew a mustache all in the same night!!!



Fox kids (2)

Daddy’s girl for sure. These two are a “wheel barrow” of fun! She’s blessed to have a daddy who can be crazy with her.

Daddy girl  Crazy Juli and Bailey

The things we do for our crazy family! I am blessed to be a mommy and when birthdays only come around once a year I so badly want their memories to be wonderful. Not expensive, but wonderful! It’s amazing how shopping your house and making your own decorations can make a “big” party cheap! Just spent money on food and that was hotdogs! lol

Family fun

It’s not complete without a sweet thank you for coming! Grab a cow tail on your way out the door!

Thank you gifts

Next birthday is in July, so we shall see what theme is chosen!