Thursday, May 21, 2015

Open the door to a new bench

This old door has definitely been put to use over the years. A sweet friend of mine found it in her neighbor’s old barn along with 3 other beauties and a slew of other treasures. We used them to decorate for a 5oth wedding anniversary for an amazing couple in our church a few years back. I was extra excited when she graciously allowed me to keep my favorite door after we finished with the event.

 Old door decor

It sat in our shed for months until I got up the nerve to ask my husband to cut it into pieces so I could use it as a head board and foot board for my Ella’s big girl bed.

Old door headboard and footboard

It almost went to the road before the move, but I slipped it back into the “save” pile and used it as decor in a bedroom here. When I rearranged the last few weeks this beauty made its way back to the garage. Then, I had a thought…you know, one of those crazy ideas to tackle a project before the day’s end? I lifted this super heavy door up on our make shift work bench and sawed away!

Door bench

I cut it in half long ways leaving one piece a little wider so the back was a bigger. Then, I grabbed some 2x4’s and made a frame similar to the one below minus the legs.


bench frame

I just drilled holes and screwed it all securely together. I will be the first to admit it isn’t a professionally put together bench, but I love that I made it all by myself! Maybe the next one I will remember all the “what not to do” steps.

Old door bench

It looks super awesome in our front sitting room near our antique upright piano.

(I still have to rough up or paint the frame underneath, but I had to take a picture).

Old door bench (2)

Our “new” family room furniture.

diy bench

My sweet fairy princess put the bench to use right away. In love for sure!


Do you have any old doors sitting around? Dust ‘em off and build a neat old bench! You won’t be disappointed. Come back Monday and see what I did with a $2 mirror I recently found at Goodwill.