Monday, May 11, 2015

Table up-do

I have had this table for probably 5 years and had it hidden away in our coat closet at our last home. It was a perfect size to hold our piles and piles of games. I saw a bit of eventual potential in it thus it didn’t end up in the “to sell” pile before we moved. I am so excited that I finally found the time to change its look a bit.

before end table

I sanded it down and put 2 coats of white paint on the base and a dark walnut stain on the top.

End table

After it was dry I took my sandpaper piece and created a bit of distressing on the base. I used the sander and sanded the top very little just to remove any sheen. (because that’s the way I like it)

Stained top

I cannot wait to show you where this beauty is currently abiding! It has a few pieces with it that has made a great statement in my little girl’s room. Come back Wednesday to see her companions.

Small table