Monday, June 22, 2015

Fish Tank Stand

I think we picked this silly thing up in January.

fish tank table2 - Copy

It sat in our garage for awhile, then I threw pallet boards on top and on the bottom shelf and threw it on the back patio to hold random swim stuff. When I picked up this nice wired drawer organizer for the swimming stuff I managed to change course with the fish tank stand. Plus, this drawer system works great for drying all the toys quickly!

Pool party organizer

After cutting up my old door for my old door bench I had a small piece left that I used as the table top for our “fish tank.” You can read about my old door turned bench here.

I attempted this arrangement in our dining room…

fish tank table2

But, I didn’t love it and found that it didn’t fit the spot much at all. I booted it out the door and tried to figure out a home for it. When I set it outside to rearrange I found a perfect spot….for now! (smile)

Fish tank table

I have to hang my plant hangers and buy some pretty flowers, but I love having this out here now. Makes reading in my chair and sipping iced coffee much easier.

My friend Christina from the Frugal Homemaker bought a bigger fish tank stand a few weeks ago. Check out what she did with hers here. I just love her deck and the fun way she incorporates her style even at cookouts.

 the frugal homemaker fish tank

Front Porch fun

Gonna give you a sneak peak to my mini workshop area in the garage on Wednesday.