Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My own mini workbench

It’s all mine!!! My own place to create, destroy and plan. It’s nothing fancy or huge, but it works for me and I can organize it to my desire.

My workbench

The paint is in abundance, so I plan to weed out the stuff I am done with soon. Had a few mini projects up my sleeve though with a few of them.

Workbench (2)

The spray paint and stencil stuff fits perfectly on the smaller shelf. The tubs contain all my painting stuff in one and hardware and other essentials in the other.

Craft fun

My clear bin up top holds twines, burlap, and items I need for hanging decorations. Plus, a little pool storage high up was greatly needed.

Chandelier fun

That little light needs to be hung soon. It was given to me months ago. Guess I should chose a spot and figure out the electrical fun.

Do you have your own little work space to keep organized and create new treasures? I love my big barrel for my pallet wood too.

My workbench (2)

Hmm, I may hang a corkboard, chalkboard, or fun pallet art behind on the wall, just to make it more me!