Friday, July 31, 2015

Elianna Sophia turns 3

ella turns 3

I cannot believe that 3 years ago today, Jesus so kindly gave us this sweet ray of sunshine! Her birth held many firsts for me including my hubby being away on a mission trip, pumping gas in full-blown labor, 1 push, getting to hold my baby immediately after birth, keeping her through the first night, no huge wires or plastic walls keeping me from cuddling her and so much more! She was born 6 weeks early, but was a trooper and didn’t need any assistance as her older siblings had needed.

Elianna (Ella) Sophia Swaffer was born at 11:01 July 31st weighing 6 lbs 12 ounces and measuring at 18 3/4 inches  long! I am still rejoicing at God’s bountiful answers to prayers! He alone gets the praise for bringing another little one into our home!

Ella boo, you keep your mommy and daddy laughing daily. We are praying that as you get older you too will give Jesus your heart and He will use you in great and mighty ways. We love you, sweetheart!!!! Happy Birthday!