Monday, August 10, 2015

Coffee Table

I recently performed a minor change to my $10 coffee table.

Basket fun

I had only ever just added a coat of white paint when I purchased this “treasure” for $10 at a yard sale a few years back. So, I took the plunge and stripped the top of my coffee table. It was nasty but not too difficult of a task. I have this gooey stuff I just brush on and let it bubble the paint away. My handy dandy scraper comes in handy and then I just wipe it all off. There was about 6 layers of paint on this table top. I think the first owner loved spray paint way too much because the layering was horrendous. Nonetheless, I got it all smooth and clean and put on a layer of dark walnut stain. I sanded it to look a bit rough around the edges and not too perfect, because that’s how I love it. I haven’t put a glaze on top yet, but I do plan to get that done soon.

coffee table with stained top

And, yes, the lighting has changed drastically too. I’m still working on my camera settings to make up for the change. We were given another fan from a friend and we replaced the nasty stain glass light/fan that was previously annoying us.

Pallet tray and cactus fun

I love my little cactus and ball jar of marbles that grace my fun pallet tray. Speaking of pallet tray….this one may now get a white paint makeover to pop on top of my newly stained table top. We shall see…