Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Power of paint

Our shutters looked like this when we moved in…


They continued to fade this past year and looked awful. So, when my sweet man was going to power wash our entire house he pulled down all the shutters to paint. We tackled it together and it took no time at all. The change is amazing. He has worked hard this year on the lawn and bushes and I am thankful because the difference is obvious. I haven’t killed my rose bushes yet which is a miracle in itself. I have high hopes of planting a few other plants in the front yard in the future.Black shutters

The outside glass door frame is still the maroon color, but I grabbed the can of paint and painted the main door black last week. I love how much better it looks.

HomeWelcomeFront door color change

We have enjoyed the many visitors who have walked through this door during this first year of living here, and we look forward to many more.

Our home

Sometimes a paint brush and few strokes of paint can make a world of difference!