Monday, August 3, 2015

Underwater Birthday fun

Yet another child has reached another age milestone and I continue to feel older every day. Ella turned 3 last week and begged for an “octonupus & fishy” party. I grabbed my streamer stash from my party bin and shopped my house for other decor. The only decor I went out and purchased was the round octopus head for $2.49, 2 blue streamers (98 cents each) and 2 bags of white balloons (97 cents each). I blew up and printed a ton of sea creatures for the kids and I to have a coloring party. Daddy joined in too, and we had a blast hanging them up.

I am enjoying the themed parties while they last, because all too soon they will be grown up and won’t want it anymore. So, for now, I love when they have specific requests. And, it can all be done on a tight budget!!

Decoration fun:

We always love to give a little gift to the children invited for something they can have while the birthday child opens gifts. Ella picked out bubbles we found on clearance. We displayed a fun “reef”freshement table on the kitchen island for all the drinks. I had made a pallet sign for Maddie’s party in May and just painted over it for this party.

We used lots of streamers, white balloons, and colored creatures all over.

underwater decor    

Fun with food:

We opted for super cheap and easy and served Octopus legs (hot dogs), baked beans (guppy eggs), goldfish & chips (fish and chips), pretzel sticks (drift wood), veggies (bottom eaters), fruit salad, olives (shark eggs), blue jello (shark attack jello), and Potato salad (sea foam salad). We made a blue jello slush punch with rubber sea creatures floating through it.

underwater food

   Cupcake fun:

I love when my kids ask for cupcakes----it is so much easier. She wanted fish and other sea creatures. She recieved a big tub of rubber sea creatures from someone the week before so we just threw one on each top with a few bubble like sprinkles and voila! The fish were just m&ms and 1 candy eyeball.

cupcakesCandy fun

 Fishy fishy                  under water cupcakes    

We have another birthday this weekend! Thankfully Daddy doesn’t like all the hoopla though, so we are gonna just stick with making his favorites--Lasagna and cheesecake!