Friday, September 4, 2015

Explore your Area

We love exploring and our Charleston area has wonderful places to do just that. I have a list of about 80 things I want to do as a family in our area. Several items are on the agenda for our home school group to go on as field trips this year for which the kids are anxiously awaiting. A couple weeks back we went exploring to the Biggins Church Ruins, Mepkin Abbey, the Strawberry Chapel Cemetery, and Childsbury town site.

Biggins Church ruins (3)          

It was so pretty and fun to walk around this historic site.

Biggins Church ruins (2)

The children enjoyed climbing the walls, taking pictures, collecting sticks, and reading what seemed like EVERY gravestone.

Biggin Church ruins (15)Ella (4)

She melts our hearts! Check out that smile!

Biggins Church Ruins  Chloe (6)

My Chloe Belle is growing up so fast. Wish I could hold time still.

Ella (14)Biggin Church ruins (5) 

My little man loves his history and enjoyed this outing way too much.

Exploring (2)    Kids Mickey Grave stone with bush  

Evidently this family loves Disney and Mickey mouse to have this at their plot.


My make-up free selfie.

Water fun

Water down by Childsbury Town Site.


Love my man and the privilege of exploring life together!

Exploring (3)

Take the path of exploring the area you live in. Research free entertainment, historical sites, or just go take a walk and have your own scavenger hunt. I am blessed with sweet memories from moments such as these. Until next time…