Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Master Bath uplift

  master bathroom updo  

Much has happened to our master bathroom, but we are always in the process of changing things.

Mirror frame

I painted the ugly gold light fixture in a nice black finish and it fits our decor so much better. My sweet handy man picked up some wood from Lowes and set to work making me a frame to go around that ugly mirror. He loves doing the wood working and does such professional work.

 IMG_20150806_130911 Mirror fix

I worked on another project during most of this process, but I did help him hold the wood and then put it together and glued it to the wall in the bathroom.


Here it is in it’s final stage! I just have to sand the corners a bit and slap on some fresh white paint!


It changes the look so much.

Until next times, dear friends…