Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pallet head board

I know, you’d think I’d get tired of using pallet wood! Well, my little man broke his previous shutter that served as his headboard, so I had to make something temporary.

I plan to make a pallet wall for his headboard eventually, but my weeks have been crazy. I’m a homeschool mom now too, which stretches my creative time a little thinner. But, we are loving homeschooling and I am in love with my littles being here all day.

 Headboard fun 

My pallet wood is running low, but I had enough to make a temporary headboard for Andrew’s bed. Cannot wait to show you the project my husband is working on in the below picture…but must save that for another day. 


We built a square frame to stand behind the bed and then used a handy dandy nail gun to attach my pallet boards like so…


But, I didn’t love it, so I changed it to be horizontal like so…


I slapped on some of the same blue paint that is on his walls, but it looked too weird. The dark gray paint came out then and I brushed it on here and there. Boys room

I am not in love with this creation, but do you know who is? Our son. He loves it and doesn’t want me to change a thing. I’m thinking maybe painted dark gray with some white distressing. But, for now it makes him happy and that means a great deal to this momma, because I have other projects to tackle!


Looking forward to showing you a great way to change up those boring bathroom mirrors soon!