Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dining Room Table Redo

I bought this dining room table off of craigslist for $60 two years ago. I really loved it, but had planned to eventually refinish part or all of it. Obviously, it’s taken me awhile to tackle this project, but it has finally happened.

 Fall Dining room

I wanted to keep the bottom and chairs as is for now. I’m certain that one day they will change too, but my first step of tackling this process was stripping the top, sanding, and staining with a dark walnut stain.

dining room (5)

Andrew helped me move it to the garage on top of my nasty painting cloth. It was a perfect space to make a mess and get this completed before putting it back where it belonged.

My sweet man brought me this paint stripper home for my coffee table redo a few months back and I loved it! My coffee table had been spray painted and painted a total of 6 layers from the previous owner. It peeled right off after just 20 minutes of this orange goo soaking into it.

orange stripper

I brushed on the stripping gel and let it sit for about 20 minutes. When I got back around to it, I used my small scraper and scraped with the grain of the wood. table redo 2

I couldn’t believe how beautiful the wood underneath was. It made me more excited to complete this task. The hardest part were the edges and the cracks. I had to put the ends up and down making sure I got all the paint off.

After the paint was gone I grabbed the electric sander and set to work making sure it was smooth and “perfect.”

I grabbed my quart of dark walnut stain and set to work making this beauty a bit more beautiful!

This was just a small section as I figured out my stain technique…

table redo

After the first coat of stain had dried I lightly sanded the entire thing and then put one more coat of stain on. This table graced its presence in the garage for 2 days making sure it wasn’t sticky.

 Dining room table

Now, when I look in my dining room at the table, I smile. I don’t have to cringe every time knowing that it is another project I’ve yet to tackle.

Fall Diningroom 

Today starts several crazy weeks for us as we have company for the next 10 days, an all-day craft fair, and much more.  It’s a busy time, but we have so much to be thankful for. Hope each of you have a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to sharing a short post of some of our Fall decor on Monday…right before we move to all things CHRISTMAS!!