Friday, November 13, 2015

November Beach Fun

The best stuff comes with spontaneous Daddy-planned family outings. On his last day off he was doing some research as we prepare to entertain several family members for Thanksgiving week. After he finished he told everyone to get changed, grabbed some towels, and we set off on an adventure.

We went to a beach that we hadn’t been too yet, and fell in love! Kiawah was more remote and simply breathtaking. The water was still warm, so the kids even swam. We found lots of big shells and a few pieces of driftwood for an upcoming event I’m decorating. We are excited to take our visitors in a few weeks.

Pictures speak louder than words…


We saw lots of crabs.


Crazy faces on the boardwalk.

Daddy daughter 

They are pretty “serious” in their adventures.


Maddie loved every second of this fun.


I had the camera…proof I was here too.


More sea creatures.

Fishing boat

Fishing Boat with hundreds of birds following.


Footprints in the sand. I kept seeing these as Brian carried Ella and was reminded at how often Jesus willingly carries me on His shoulders as I walk through life.

Kiawah beach  

I love my men!


Sand art fun.

shelling (3) 

Big shell hunting. They found 5!

swimming wading Water fun waves

Waves of life can be challenging, friends! But, what a joy to swim through the waves knowing God is in control and He alone brings us to the calm spots and stretches our faith through it all.

I am so thankful for days like this to build sweet memories as a family and be reminded at how blessed we truly are. Have a sweet weekend, friends!