Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Craft Fair

A college friend at church asked if I would want to be a vendor at a local craft fair this year. I was skeptical for a variety of reasons:
  • Never really planned to make creating signs a business
  • Didn’t want to make a bunch and sell nothing
  • It would cost to be a vendor
  • Life is crazy busy
After a few weeks of thinking about it, I opted to give it a try and decided if I sold nothing I would still have a sweet time of fellowship with our college girl.
Thus began 3 weeks of making several different signs. My garage looked like a pallet farm with signs everywhere.

I ended up renting an 8 foot table for my display. Since my signs aren't all free standing I opted to create some kind of display that would bring in some depth and height. It ended up looking like a mini stair case, and it worked great!! Here is my display...
I had so much stuff. Way more than I thought I had created, but it went so well. By 11:30 I had sold $1 and was pretty bummed. But, by noon I had sold over half of my inventory and taken 3 orders.It was a fun day and I am excited to do it again next year. I got 12 orders since from customers at the craft fair, and I have 2 more to finish this week! So, sometimes taking a step out of one’s comfort zone is the best thing to do!