Friday, February 26, 2016

Lego Organization

Ten year old boys call for loads and loads of legos, right? Well, in our home, that is the truth. It is a favorite in this home, and for it I am so thankful. Our children play legos for hours. Creating and imagination is put into action on a daily basis with these colorful blocks. But, with these colorful blocks come major messes, frustration finding pieces, and more. Thus... today's post! Many people have asked what we do to keep our legos in their rightful place. Our girls have started collecting their own now too.
For years we just dumped them all in a big wooden crate. We began noticing a decline in lego play and wondered if there was a better way to store this great toy insuring us that the kids would want to play them again.
Walmart carries little tubs for .97 cents off we went to stock up!

Might I say, this task is not for the faint of heart, and it takes some work!! We found that the more people involved made a seemingly daunting task more feasible.
Each tub contains a color or lego theme. For instance, we have a wheel tub, a people tub, a vehicle tub, etc. It doesn't eliminate all of the frustrations of not being able to find certain pieces, but it has made creating much simpler and more enjoyable having a specific home for each one.

I enjoyed making the shelves out of pallet wood I had accumulated in the garage. You know me and my pallet love. It was an easy option for a quick project that ultimately solved a huge problem of tubs stacked on a desk leaving no place to create.

Organizing the legos in itself was a task, but I guarantee it is well worth it! Our children play legos for hours every day, and they now never seem to get frustrated looking for most pieces when they belong in a certain tub.
So, if your kids rooms are overcome with these colorful blocks, run to Walmart, stock up on some bins, and start sorting away. Make it fun!