Monday, February 22, 2016

Sick days

Some days involve fevers, all day pajama wearing, and piles of laundry.  These days involve lots of silly cartoons, slippers, cereal for all three meals, and super long baths!
Ever have one of those days? 
You know, those days that cause frustration and exhaustion? Yet, they are also days that are helpful reminders of the the sweet blessings one has! Our sweet Andrew has been so sick for the last month. We felt like it was never gonna go away and he was never gonna eat again. We were concerned he had mono, but the doctor said he just got hit extra hard with all the stuff going around in our area. He is himself finally, and when I mean himself, I mean eating like a horse! Sweet Chloe Belle has the Charleston crud now, so praying it runs its course quickly and she feels better soon. I am so thankful for all my littles and the complete privilege it is to be their momma. Sick days can be blessings in disguise! Lots of snuggles, lotion rubbing, and stories going on in our home today!

Here's what our living room looks like today...

Thankful for another week to run through with all the strength and joy I need to tackle each day. It's way easier if I look at it this way instead of complaining about the struggles. I fall short often and my crabby attitude makes it all the more difficult. Praying each of my sweet readers has a wonderful week. 
Due to major blog issues and not being very tech savvy, I've been lacking lately. Hoping I can post a few easy posts in the next few days. Excited to share what's become of the "nursery" so far.