Friday, March 4, 2016

Toys, clothes, and 3 little girls~ Closet help

Several have asked to share a picture of how we organize and store toys and clothes for three little girls in one closet.

I love and am very thankful for the closet spaces in our home. It far beats the tiny things we had in our last home. However, it is possible to be organized no matter the space you have in closets. Sometimes it just takes a bit more creativity and a whole lot of purging.

I use lots of tubs!!! I think I have a minor addiction, but I will be honest and say that they are a huge help in storage and in organization. Our garage is filled with tubs full of Season decor, camping items, craft stuff, and more.

Here is the closet under review...

  • Hanging Clothes: Clothes are hung by order of child's age. Maddie's are on the left, Ella's are in the middle, and baby girl's are to the right. When your child knows where their hanging clothes belong, you can teach them to hang their own laundry essentially taking a minor task off of you!
  • Shoe storage: Having a home for shoes is another essential element in eliminating mayhem in a child's closet. When they can see their shoes and are able to put shoes back where they belong it is a huge help for them and mommy.

  • Clothing stock: Organized storage bins for the girl's next sizes or season's clothes is a helpful way to keep up with what you have and what you need. It is also easier to access in case your little has a sudden growth spurt.
  • Cloth storage bins or boxes: I found the cute blue and pink bins from Ikea several years ago. They have been jostled to different closets over the years, but currently hold winter items when not in use. This keeps it out of the way, but I don't have to remove them entirely and lose in the garage or attic.

  • Homes for Toys: I am a HUGE Encourager of having a place for EVERYTHING! I know, it sounds silly, picky, and a bit of a pet peeve, but it is the biggest suggestion I could give. If your child has no idea where to house their "precious possessions," picking up toy messes just grew worse and frustrating. I love the drawer systems where you can see what is residing within. On the left we have pet shop and lego tubs. The pink drawer system holds barbies, horses, and squinkies. The big gray and blue tub on the far right hold their amazing collection of sweet street sets. Our vintage fisher price houses and puzzles are on the top right above babies clothes. These were toys I played with as a kid and are gotten down for special fun. *(As a side note, I typically encourage them to play with a set and then return before getting out something else. For instance, if they pull out their legos they return them to where they belong before getting out all the barbie stuff. It just makes play time less chaotic and they honestly play longer and have more imagination when they don't have a million toys strewn all over their room.)
  • Socks:The white drawer system houses socks and tights making it convenient for little hands to chose before putting on their shoes. And, this is another great way to have them be able to put their laundry away all by themselves!

Every child, family, and closet is different! This is just the system that works best for us. The girls have a kitchen set and a big barbie shelf house residing in their room, but we try to keep our toys at bay so we don't have an over-abundance. We like toys that are sets and can be grown to create even more imagination. I think legos are my all-time favorite toy on the market! 

I'd love to see what you do with your closet spaces. Til' next time...