Friday, April 22, 2016

Pallet Desk & Shelves

Last week my son came to me and asked if we could rearrange his bedroom. I seriously have created monsters when it comes to rearranging. lol
But, how could I resist his harmless request? Plus, I'm always up for a project no matter the size. So, we set to work at putting his bed where he wanted it. Then,everything else sat in the middle of the room for several minutes as we discussed options.

I bought this desk at a Goodwill a year ago. It has a cool blue, metal base, but a nasty top that needed
some TLC. It was only marked at $4, so it was worth the money. It has done its job as a little lego workspace in my son's closet since: thus, "out of sight, out of mind!"
His lego collection continues to grow, and he loves displaying his creation. We talked about maybe making more pallet shelves in his closet and getting rid of the ugly desk.
And, that's just what we did...

We built 3 more pallet shelves for the purpose of housing his creations. Yes, he has a wall of legos! I love these toys and the imagination they help create.

Then, the task was upon us... what to do with the table, the desk, the messy room?

After several minutes of thinking, I asked if he would want a desk in his room with shelves above as maybe a study, reading, or creating space. Of course, I knew the answer would be an excited yes!

Thus, that ugly desk comes into play...

After lots of measuring, sanding, and screwing we had a free transformed pallet desk to fit his room!

We then made 2 pallet shelves above the desk, spray painted several wire baskets, stained an old crate, and gathered a few pieces of decor to fit in his new spot.

I will have to say it was a very profitable and fun room "rearrange!"

"Playing house" is so much fun!! /And, I love shopping my home making change free and fun.

Andrew's "new to him" rearranged room.