Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"Boredom" from minimal projects?

Yes, it's been WAY too long! I know, I know...I'm terrible. But, please excuse the blog mess and not keeping up due to technology and pregnancy difficulties. Baby girl is expected to arrive any day now, and I'm finally attempting to post a few posts before our new hub bub of events get underway.
The last several months have been crazy busy, stressful, physically draining and more. But, I honestly got a few bursts of energy begging my husband for a project of some sort. I've somewhat hit a rut in the home category other than keeping it clean, etc. I had a huge yard sale in May getting rid of anything and everything our family didn't use or need. It was a great feeling to purge and de-clutter drawers and closets alike.

After not really coming up with a creative project I decided to tackle painting a room. I know, crazy, I am! The girls room needed touched up, and I had pretty much fallen out of love with the cheerful yellow look. I had a can of gray that I had done an accent wall with and decided to just paint over the yellow. Plus, when baby leaves our bedroom corner she will be moved into this room too. So, our accent colors are now coral and mint.

In the morning light with no accent colors yet!

Decorations up, new bedspreads I used a gift card for, fun added touches of coral and mint via painted frames and pillows.

 Dresser and Frames
 Bunk bed and hair bow fun

Play area and closet

The girls are in love with it, and it makes me happy knowing it's done!