Monday, July 11, 2016

Few "new" furniture pieces

After our big purging at the yard sale I had a few specific things I was looking to replace in our home. With a baby on the way and my dislike for most of the new baby gear "necessities" out there, I started hunting for a cool old wooden highchair to redo. I found this beauty at a church yard sale with the "ginormous" price of $5!!! With great enthusiasm I snatched it up and paid for it before they could change their mind.

After a bit of sanding, wood filler, and some major tlc this project was underway. 

I painted the base with white chalk paint and stained the tray with a dark walnut stain. I'm going to enjoy the baby stage, but I do look forward to using this cool old piece when baby is old enough.

Our kitchen table had also gotten too small for our growing family. I found this table for $40 on offerup and it was a whole fourteen inches longer giving us more room with a bigger bench on the side. I love the top, but unfortunately the previous owner didn't know how to use a sander and it's pretty uneven. So, eventually that will be a fun re-finishing task.

I found a cool old bench at a dump recently too, but I have to take a picture and tackle it with some love and elbow grease. Hope to share in the next coming weeks!