Friday, August 19, 2016

Minnie Mouse Birthday

Ella and her minnie cake
Our sweet little Elianna turned the big '4' the end of last month. She had awaited her birthday for what seemed like years because her baby sister was to be born before and she was able to move up in several children's functions at church that she has longed to do for some time!
The kids helped me make several banners, fun signs, and a super easy Minnie mouse cake to make our little princess super happy.
Pin the bow on Minnie was great fun!
clubhouse banner
Ella enjoyed giving fun little gifts to her little friends.
We enjoyed a hot diggity dog bar and all the fixins!

Veggie tray fun
fruit salad in the shape of Minnie's head
Ella is ready to party!

Drink area
Plu-tato Chips
Donald's Cheesy quakers (cheeze its)
Mouse-ka-tools (utensils)

She begged for a Minnie Cake!
This makes every ounce of work worth it!