Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dresser Love

Clutter is my number one worst enemy I believe. Maybe it is just my ocd with organization that makes it that way. Yet, sometimes the easiest way to stay sane in a house full of people and stuff is to have a home for everything....even the little treasures children insist on collecting.

Dressers in our home typically are free of collections, papers, and stuff. My husband has a little organizer thing on top of his for his keys, knives, books, coins, etc. It has helped much to find the essential things needed before running out for the day.

I like to have the current books I'm reading within reach thus the small stack under my bracelet bowl.

Two of our bedrooms don't have dressers. Instead they have old armoirs that hold a trunk or quilts on top.

What do you house on top of your dressers? I think having a purpose for your dresser tops help eliminate the stress of extra clutter.