Monday, September 19, 2016

Furniture on Purpose

Well, I'm in this crazy purging mood. You know, like hauling stuff to the garage that I'm not in love with anymore. I've sold quite a few pieces recently that have just taken up space and haven't really had a purpose within our home.

Chloe had a nightstand in her bedroom, but it only held her stuffed animals. Since we cleaned out many of those, she wanted them in a cute gray and white basket that currently resides in her closet. So, there was an empty nightstand. And, in my mind that equaled wasted space and just more stuff. Off to the garage it went and we created a "new" nightstand by stacking her two trunks on top of each other. Now there is no wasted space and both trunks have a great purpose in her room. The bottom one houses her next size up of clothing I find at sales or she is given by friends. The top trunk houses her special lego creations. She simply has to put the light and small suitcase on the ground to get into it all. And, it keeps smaller hands off of her stuff.