Friday, September 30, 2016

Homeschooling Sanity

I hear these comments often:

  • Wow, you have your hands full!
  • Are they ALL yours?
  • Are you done yet?
  • Are you a glutton for punishment?
  • How do you do it?
  • You must be exhausted?
  • No comment, but just a simple shaking of the head

I think I'd be surprised to hear from other mom's with several children if they hadn't heard any or all of these comments too. Oh, and there are more, but I'll simply leave it at that.

Often my answers are such...

  • Yes, my hands are full, but I'm eternally blessed and I know many sweet ladies who would give anything to have just one!
  • Yes, indeed they are ALL mine, they have all of my love, and each one holds a special place in our family.
  • I'm sorry, but that is none of your business, nor should you expect me to answer that. And, why does it matter?
  • Punishment? Indeed not! Having children is not punishment. Much patience is required and something Jesus continues to teach me, but certainly does not equal punishment.
  • All in Jesus Strength just one day at a time! (and a little bit of coffee) lol
  • Exhaustion may be a slightly exaggerated. Sometimes I'm tired, but it's a good kind!
  • Just a simple smile as I corral my goslings behind me and continue on our way. :)
Homeschooling has added many other questions and so many have asked how I do that with our crazy little family. Organization is key for me to not pull my hair out day after day. Everyone who home-schools is allowed to do what works best for them! I've found organization to be a life saver for our crazy school days.
We have a designated spot for all our supplies, books, tvs, papers for grading, etc. It makes each morning go so smoothly and the children know exactly what they need and where it belongs.

Grading books are somewhat out of reach, but easy for me to find when needed. Crayons are in a vintage jar awaiting little hands and minds full of imagination and creativity! Reading books are happily lined up in a row waiting for little brains to dissect each word and get excited about the next plot of the story. 

I found this little drawer organizer at a yard sale for $5! Each drawer is labeled with what currently abides within. The top 4 drawers have the names of the children and house their daily pouch with essentials such as pencils, colored pencils, ruler, scissors, glue stick, etc.

Subject books are located in the cupboard in a way they can easily grab what is needed each day. 
I find this is the best for our little ones. This way it all goes back at the end of the school day and we aren't searching for "missing" books.

Scheduling is another important thing for me. I like starting school the same time each day making sure the children have made their beds, brushed their hair and teeth, are dressed, and have eaten a proper breakfast. All of these things make schooling at home great! It is great having the flexibility home-school allows, but I never want my children to say they hated it or know that I was lazy and didn't give them the best we could have for them. We are currently on the second year of using Abeka video and we love it! I change it up often and teach traditionally some days too giving a change of pace and excitement. But, Abeka does amazing at teaching the subjects in a fun way.

So, lest you think we have it all together I'd be the first to say that some days don't go very smoothly. Some of my children sit at their desk looking like raga muffins because they failed to brush their hair. Some days cereal bowls remain in the sink, pencil shavings pile high, and books are eschew! But, all in all, we are loving homeschooling. I am daily reminded at the overwhelming responsibility it is, but again reminded that it is such a blessing to be able to impact my children in this way too. What treasures I have.  I pray I never take these moments for granted even if it is just one of "those" days!

Thanks for stopping by, dear readers.