Monday, September 12, 2016

Kitchen table change

Sometimes when the family grows so must the kitchen table! Thus, I sold my shorter squarish table I found at a yard sale years ago and replaced it with a longer skinnier table I found off the wonderful Offerup App.

I have enjoyed fixing it all up to meet my families needs, but also making it pleasing to the eyes for me too. The colorful chairs have served us well, but no longer exist in the kitchen.
Here is the picture of our "new to me" $40 table. I had moved my old door bench in there for a time and loved it. However it was not long enough for our needs. So, my hunt continued for a long farm style bench with no back that I could fix up.

I found this cool old bench in a pile and sanded and painted the base with a white chalk paint and stained the top with a dark walnut stain. Thanks to our good 'ole Southern humidity it didn't dry for weeks. But it is serving us well now that it is not sticky!

The previous owner didn't do great at sanding the top down smoothly, so eventually that will be a project along with sanding and staining the chairs to match the top and bench! But, for now, I love it and we all fit!