Monday, September 26, 2016

Piano Room

Our front family room has gotten a bit rearranged in the last few weeks for a variety of reasons: downsizing, spring cleaning, and just because.I switched out the rug for one that was elsewhere in the house and sold the old red one on Offerup. The curtains were switched out to add a bit of color and the chair was moved out to minimize stuff. I pulled the red accents out and added a bit of blues and greens so it blends well with the dining room area behind it.

I discovered the tall cabinet that I had in this room matched the half bath over the toilet cabinet so, I switched the tall one and the shorter one that was in the bathroom. It works great for music storage and isn't as tall which was creating a height issue for me previously. The cute wooden drawer thing under the candle was found on major clearance at Target for a few bucks! I was pretty excited about that fun find.

The piano top decoration arrangement was simplified and I love the crisp clean feel this room has now. It's much brighter with no furniture in front of the windows and not as any dark colors as accent pieces.

It's a bright cheerful room to enter now.