Monday, September 5, 2016

Pin Tuck Bedding

Making my bed is always my happy space in the morning. I honestly do not remember the last time I did not make my bed before moving through the day at hand. I guess it is something my momma instilled into me as a little girl. I'm pretty sure it's stuck with all nine of us children through the years though. It seems to make a room look so put together and more inviting to jump back into when a long day is behind us. But, that's not what this post is supposed to be about. lol. Am I the only crazy one who loves to make their bed???

I've been on the lookout for a different comforter. Our white down comforter was leaking feathers constantly. To the point that our carpet would be covered with random floating feathers each morning. My dear husband kindly asked if I could look into replacing it. So, prayer went to work and I kept my eyes out for good deals at several stores. I wasn't opposed to buying used as long as it was something I could clean and was in great condition. Oh, and did I mention that I was specifically praying and wanting a pin tuck design? I just thought it would be so fun to have one. Well, I was on the look out for some queen sets for a "new to us" bed I found for Andrew and stopped by a local thrift store. I hadn't really planned to buy much, but I found this gorgeous gray pin tuck king size comforter! There wasn't a spot on it and it looked brand new! And, the best part was that it was under the price of $25 I had prayed about! It was $24.99 :)

So, yes, I scooped that baby up and headed home to do a thorough cleaning on it! The brand is currently selling in a few places for well over $89, so I was super excited about my findings.

There happened to be a bit of a pillow frenzy in the room and I'm happy to say I removed a few pillows from my stash and got rid of them. :) Once a pillow addict always a pillow addict. lol

There are now no more crazy feathers soaring around our heads while climbing under the covers, no feather covered carpets, and no banks broken with this fun find.