Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 days?

Well, I wish I were writing a big description about joining the 31 Dayers again since it is October 1st. However, due to some major health issues the last few weeks, it's been made clear that I do not need the added stress of time restraints and 31 posts this month. How's that for saying no?!!!

But, don't be completely disappointed because I had already done quite a bit of work preparing for 31 posts so I plan to do my own 31 days. It may just take me until January or February to complete it.

Our series will be all about something I've enjoyed doing the last few years and am actively doing now in preparation for a craft fair....
I have used pallet wood for some really fun projects lately and I am excited to share them with my readers. So, here's to a fun series? Just not certain when it will begin... Happy October, everyone!