Friday, October 21, 2016

Day 2 of Pallet Love~ Breaking down Pallets

When this pile stares you in the face and you know you have to attempt to break it down....

So, ever tried this?

We soon discovered this was not the easiest or most enjoyable task of pallet diy!My handy husband is my hero for always willingly breaking down my pallet stacks. He uses this handle tool...

He loves his deWalt tools and this reciprocating saw does the job of breaking down pallets for you. Now, if you want to pound each individual nail out of the wood slats, you have at it, but we will grab our safety glasses and do it this way instead.
Insert the special blade (has to cut metal) between the slat and the 2x4 to cut the nail with absolutely no stress on the slat or you. Let the tool do the work!

You definitely won't sweat as hard using this tool as opposed to the crow bar and hammer. 
Happy breaking apart pallets, friends!