Friday, October 28, 2016

Day 3~ Pallet Sign Tutorial

Building signs can be tedious when it comes to stenciling and such, but we will discuss that in a later post. You have to build your signs before the painting and stenciling stage.

Tools you will need:
Measuring device (or a good eye)
Sandpaper or sander

I typically decide how big I want my sign, then arrange my wood pieces accordingly. Place one under the miter saw and cut accordingly. From there you can just use the first cut to gauge the remaining or measure each piece and cut from there.

This miter saw can cut in angles too, making frames and such super easy and exact.

After getting my pieces cut I flip them over to the side that I want on the back. Measure the width and cut two boards to use as your frame to keep the sign together.

Pre-drilling a hole for your screw is ideal to avoid your wood splitting. Then put a screw in each side to keep your sign together.

I often wrap wire around two screws for hanging my signs, but it depends on size and what my customers ask for. I love drilling larger holes and adding rope for hanging as well.

The sandpaper is perfect to sand the edges as needed or to smooth out the top of your sign.

These were my very first signs I created. Wow much has changed!! However, the way I put my signs together has stayed the same. It has become my stress reliever and favorite activity. Cannot wait to share my most recent creation from pallet wood!